I just read the following article in the Buffalo News and am still asking myself: What was the parents excuse again?

They "felt threatened" yet they leave their babys in a cold dark home with open electrical sockets??

This is beyond sad! What would you do if you stumbled upon this  

Six children, including a 4-month-old infant, were found alone in a Bailey Avenue home with no food and water and no way of contacting their parents. Lamontese Murray, 33, and Ebony J. Scott, 29, were charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Buffalo police discovered the children living in what they termed “deplorable conditions." [BuffaloNews.com]


It takes a village to raise a child. Buffalo, how can we come together to make sure infants and young children are not put in dangerous situations like this? Do you just call CPS and forget about it. What would you have done if someone told you/ or you seen this taking place across the street from you?