On Wednesday morning,  I had the privilege to spend some time with two different first grade classrooms and read to some wonderful boys and girls. Working with the youth is a passion of mine and I was just as excited as they were to be there. I brought in some stories from home that I though they would like and happen to be a few of my daughter’s favorites.

Before I could get started hands were flying up in the air. I answered some questions and they listened anxiously. I told them after the story, if they were a good audience, I would show them pictures from an event the station had with the teen group Mindless Behavior. They instantly agreed! They were adorable and naturally inquisitive.They laughed and commented on the silly rhymes and jokes in the story and never took their eyes off the pages.

Children soak up so much information on a daily basis and its our responsibility to fill them with the right knowledge. I am a strong believer of “it takes a village to raise a child”. When more positive members in the community become involved with the youth more opportunities will arise for them. With the proper guidance, discipline, and motivation we can see a higher success rate among our children. You never know if your five minutes could impact a student for the rest of their life.