I see the Buffalo Board of Education has decided not to use the “no fault” termination clause in the contract of Superintendent Dr. James Williams.  The decision was made following a 45 minute board meeting Monday.  Williams announced earlier this month that he had planned to retire in a year’s time.  I don’t think Dr. Williams is the problem.  The problem is with the system.

Dr. Williams will be fine.  I’m sure he will resurface in another school district making bigger bucks.

I don’t think we really understand what is going on when we send our kids to school.  I think our kids are being trained and not educated.  They are told what to think vs how to think.  That’s a big difference wouldn't you say. 

I am really impressed with Phillip Jackson.  He runs the Black Star Program in Chicago.  Here’s a man who gets it.  Jackson says the solutions should come from the community.  He says no one is coming to save us.  We must take matters in our own hands.

We must educate our own.  Jackson has spearheaded a number of programs including Saturday University.  The classes are run by volunteers at various locations around the city.  They are not waiting for the system to change.  If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.

Click here for the Black Star Project.