For today's Talk at 2 inside the 2 to 6 Takeover, Buffalo weighed in on whether a woman no longer fussing at a man about spending time with her means that she has moved on from him. Listen in and vote!

I was watching Rob & Chyna when someone mentioned that if a woman stops fussing at a man about spending time with her and communicating with her, that means she's done with hime or moved onto another man. I know for me personally this is true! i don't try to nag, but sometimes I want bae's attention, so I bother him about it. If bae seems annoyed by me wanting to see him or talk to him, after a while I get the message: MOVE ON! Men thing women nag them, but we 'nag' because we love you and want to see you! When I stop bothering you, that's when you should be worried lol. Check out what Buffalo had to say above and vote yourself!

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