I am the "SELF-APPOINTED KING OF RUZZLE"!!!!  Although you may see that I have allowed some of my sensitive friends to win a game here or there (namely "tyshayt", "Loyale1229", & "Gatchel", I only do so because I don't want their egos tarnished....so I try and keep it even so they can FEEL LIKE they won, when actually I could whoop that butt at the drop of a hat.

YOU MY FRIEND are unfortunately not so lucky...YOU gets NO MERCY!!!!!  If you want some lessons and want to experience what it's like playing "THE SELF APPOINTED KING OF RUZZLE" ...SUBMIT YOUR NAME OR RUZZLE NAME in the comments section on this page (below) and I will send you an invite to "whoop you"...... I meant invite you to play me!!!!

Before you take that plunge, you may want to go to this website for some RUZZLE TRICKS AND TIPS (it's not a cheat code page)...  when you're finished....get ready for a BUTT WHOOPIN"!!!!!!