Life is FULL of Lessons..they are UNAVOIDABLE!!!  In the end (even the beginning and throughout) it all boils down to each person realizing they are AN INDIVIDUAL...which is a very necessary & important lesson to learn.  Without learning this lesson, persons are in a constant state of trying to CHANGE other people such that they MATCH who "they" are... #It'llNeverHappen!

Survival as an individual is Socially Complex, thus there are different personalities among us.  In your opinion...or Life Experience... I'm curious to know which path you feel is most WISE..Generally Speaking.  I say "Generally Speaking" because there are many (SPECIFIC) times when individualism is compromised for the good of "the team" or "the relationship"...or the purposes of "Success", "Keeping The Peace", "Just Getting Along", etc... but "GENERALLY SPEAKING"....what is your outlook regarding the following Question and Graphic?

Is It Better to "Join The Crowd" or "Just Do You"? (GENERALLY SPEAKING)