This is scary! Four men attacked an elderly man in downtown Buffalo, just down the street from the radio station!

Credit: WGRZ

A 64-year-old man was viciously attacked by four men! The attack happened early Thursday morning near the Central Library in downtown Buffalo at the corner of Broadway and Ellicott Street. The elderly man was taken to ECMC, where he is currently in critical condition, according to WGRZ. All four of the men involved are teenagers! Buffalo Police detectives say they arrested and charged a 17-year-old, a 16-year-old and two juvenile male teenagers! All four have been charged with 1st degree assault and gang assault.

Like WTH is going on in the world that 4 young thugs attack an elderly man who was most likely just walking down the street minding his own business! Who is raising these boys? This could have been me, it could have been you, it could have been your father, granddad, uncle, brother or husband. Seeing stories like this pisses me off because this is a huge part of what's wrong with our world right now! SMH! Keep the victim and his family in your prayers!

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