It's getting harder and harder to DJ parties, especially where there are predominantly children in attendance.  Just about all music produced these days contains either profanity, messages promoting sex, or references to violence.

This is nothing new as it seemed to start way back when with the likes of "Niggas With an Attitude" (NWA) ... in which the music and recent movie have broken all types of records at the Box Office and within the Music Industry...not to mention NWA being inducted in The Rock N Roll Music hall of Fame.

I could write a Book regarding the negative influences Rap Music has had on the Black Community and the irony regarding the Black Community embracing the very music which is riddled with, as stated earlier, Profanity, Sex, And Violence.

Currently there's a Movement based around the idea that 'Black Lives Matter'... but when I listen to and consider that the majority of Rap Music produced by BLACK LIVES it baffles me to no end and poses the question:


Many responders will blame the vast number of Black Radio stations across America, regarding the exposure of much of today's Rap Music and it's filthy content, without taking into account the fact that radio stations only mirror what their listeners WANT TO HEAR. Radio Stations are not in the business of REFORM... Radio Stations are entertainment vehicles which also inform their listeners regarding news items.  The BUSINESS of Radio is to please it's customers...which most times unfortunately means scheduling music which may be extremely repulsive to the individual forced to program music which they may indeed ban in their own homes.

So again, the question remains: DO 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' IN TODAY'S RAP MUSIC?  This obviously implicates the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement and it's focus.  The 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' Movement seems to ignore the injustices which take place within the LIVES OF BLACKS!

Doesn't the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement have a responsibility to look beyond The Police and examine it's own constituents????