Okay Bills Fan.....here's your opportunity to voice your opinion, concern, etc to Mr. Mario Williams regarding his performance in last Sundays' Buffalo Bills HUGE LOSS to the Rival New York Jets where he posted 1 Tackle in the final Defensive Stats Category.  But before you begin....let me WARN and address "Mr. Super".

Dear Mr. Super Mario,

Welcome to Buffalo!  I hope you enjoy your new home...HOWEVER, I must immediately warn you... Buffalo Fans are "Nice Not"!  Here's what that means:  A Buffalo Bills Fan is the nicest person, most loyal fan, and Best Beer drinker you could ever want to meet...but that's only...(here comes the key word in the sentence Mario)..."IF" you're nice back...if you're not "nice" back.... A Buffalo Bills Fan is NOT!

Let me explain "nice".  When you make a tackle, or sack a Quartback, as a Buffalo Bill...A Buffalo Fan will respond accordingly and say...or I mean YELL..."NICE!!!"  "IF"...(ooops, there's that word again) you miss a tackle or sack, the Buffalo Bill Fan will "NOT" respond at all...initially.  But eventually you will begin to think you were at summer camp being terribly missed by Mom and begin receiving TONS & TONS OF MAIL....it will be "NOT MAIL"....that's mail telling you that you're no longer (NOT) welcome in Buffalo!

Hey man...don't shoot the messenger...I'm not from Buffalo...and I'm a Bengals Fan...so don't take it out on me Brotha...I'm just tryin' to help you out!!!!!

The Buffalo Fans are very much well aware that their money spent to come and see you is directly related to the $96 Million you will receive over the next 6 years as a Buffalo Bill and the $5.9 Million you will receive this year alone.  So just a word of advice "Sir Super"...posting 1 Tackle in the "Stats Category" against a LEAGUE RIVAL NEW YORK JETS...is not going to fly with a Bill's Fan!!!  You may translate your pay as being provided by The Bils Organization...but a Buffalo Bills Fan translates your pay as being provided by them...they ARE the Bills Organization!!!!!

Listen Mr. Super..Sir; Bruce Smith played where you line up on Sundays as a Buffalo Bill and he made it to the NFL HALL OF FAME making a mere $2.2 Million per year compared to your $5.9 Mill!!!!  He was "NICE"...but still received "NOT" mail from Bills Fans!!!!  Imagine that!!!  He posted probably at least 6-7 tackles per game in the Stats Category and still received "NOT" mail from Bills Fans.

My Brotha, Mr. Super Mario, I just thought I'd offer you some help in knowing what people are saying about you since I read in the Buffalo News this morning that you were quoted as saying you "NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL" watch TV...so you are unaware of the fact that every Sports Analyst in existence is on your case regarding your less than mediocre performance last week against the New York Jets...not to mention what Bills Fans are saying.  So since you don't watch TV, maybe you listen to the radio and have heard about this Blog that allows Bills Fans to tell you how they REALLY feel about your performance so far as a Buffalo Bill making $96 Million over the next 6 years!!!  You should see some feedback below Sir Super!  Welcome to Buffalo!!!!!!!