Last weekend after a local fashion show, an after party for the event was scheduled at 4Play nightclub. Allegedly the event was scheduled to run till 4am and there was an agreement worked out between a local promoter and the club itself in which there would be an open bar. After the party began at about 10pm it came to an abrupt halt around 11pm when the music was turned off, lights turned on, and everyone was escorted out by security…problem here…everyone was escorted out on behalf of the fact that there were “too many black people” in the club. After about 30-40 minutes the club was re-opened, attracting a much 'lighter' crowd.

Watch the full Ch.4 story here

Time and time again I have  heard accusations of racism concerning just about every club on Chippewa; many people say the “no jerseys, no boots, no white tees, no fitted hats, no baggy jeans” rule is the polite way for these venues to basically, not let black people in. While I understand the connection people are making, I can understand the clubs point of view too, dress nice! You’re going out! (and that's directed at all races) But how dareeeeee, someone blatantly come out and say….”there’s too many black people in here” Allegedly the club stated that there had to be a 50/50 breakdown of white and blacks, otherwise the party would be ended. Apparently they felt that ratio is necessary; for why I have no idea.

And for the record…there was NO violence going on, NO arguments, NO disorder…just not enough white people…I know it’s hard to believe the ignorance, but it’s true.

This past Thursday I was driving down Chippewa at around 1am and I was shocked to see that although the strip was pretty dead that night….there was still quite a few people in 4play! I know that not everyone will care about their racist comments but I feel like the people who do, realllyyyy need to ban together and do something about this!

Regardless of your ethnicity, this sort of behavior is ridiculous. Buffalo gets enough slack as it is, let’s not let a nightclub play into the stereotypes and negative images people put on our city. If you are someone who is disturbed by this PLEASEEEEEE stand up and let’s do something about it! Let the owners of that nightclub say whatever they want “stick and stones may  break my bones but words will never hurt me” Buttttt……if they have no money to run their club….who wins?.....

Please encourage the boycott of 4Play nightclub and sign one of the many petitions circulating against them. Let’s not let these comments go un-punished. Let’s not let them have a normal Saturday night and make money! Follow the link for more information, and to lend your support!

Petition to End Racist Acts at 4Play