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1st Lady Michelle Obama Tweets a Message of Appreciation!
President Elect Donald Trump is not the only high profile Government Official tweeting! First Lady, Michelle Obama, sent out a tweet of her own with an appreciative message to supporters, and a video of her last walk through the White House as she exits her role relative to her husbands Presidency..…
POLL: Will You Watch the Inauguration or Boycott?
There's a FB Messenger message circulating which urges people to boycott watching the Inauguration so as to make it such that the TV Ratings for the event are low.
Here's what I received in my Facebook Inbox:
There's a lot of talk about people NOT watching the inauguration...
Tweetin’ W/ Trump January 18, 2017
As you read through the Trump Tweets; which tweet do you think is the Most Presidential and which is the Least Presidential?  President Elect Trump prides himself on using Social Media to remain transparent, but do you think there are tweets which are indeed inappropriate...
Tweetin’ w/ Trump: Monday January 9, 2017
11 Days until President Elect Trump takes over as President of the United States!  Will he continue his tweeting trends once he's "In Office" ?  Well one thing is certain, "The Donald" is not quitting anytime soon!
Here are Trump's Latest T…

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