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Three High School Students Add Semen To Baking Assignment
How disgusting! Three high school students added semen to a home economics assignment!
The three boys were arrested after they added semen to frosting during a home economics assignment, which the teacher ate! The freshmen boys, ages 14 and 15, masturbated into containers, then mixed their semen wit…
Take the Steve Harvey ’21 Day Jump Challenge’! [VIDEO]
Steve Harvey's New Book "JUMP" is finally out... and to go along with the book,  Steve Harvey has developed a 21 Day Jump Challenge to get you started on your road to success.
Here's the video that started it all:
Take the Steve Harvey 21 Day Jump Challenge:
At Least 1.9 Million Pounds of Chicken Recalled! [News Video]
Very important info here as there are a reported 1.9 Million Pounds of Chicken being recalled!
The Chicken in question is Ready To Eat Chicken which may have been undercooked.  The Chicken was sold nationwide between August 20 through November 30, according to News Reports
WATCH: (click button link fo…
News: Bruce Smith Claiming He’s A Victim of Discrimination
Bruce Smith is aggressively confronting Virginia Beach Officials almost as tenacioulsy as he did NFL Quarterbacks, citing discrimination as Smith has attempted to open business (restaurants) there but has been denied each time.
Smith and other Black Business Owners have agreed to pay half of the cost…

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