What makes a true blue fan? As sure as you’re born, there are people in Western New York taking note of the early season triumphs of the Buffalo Bills. They may be tuning into the games for the first time in years, buying Bills merchandise and tickets, even claiming to be a long-standing fan, especially if their latest bandwagon team has an unfavorable disadvantage. Case in point: Peyton Manning and his absence with Indianapolis Colts this year.

Regardless, Bills fans are Bills fans. Go back year after year to the pre-game scene at Ralph Wilson Stadium and try to argue the loyalty of Western New Yorkers to their beloved Buffalo Bills. Parking lots full of red, blue and booze. Buses, vans, tents, lawn games: all bought and painted to reflect the Bills logo and colors. Sure, throw a few losses into the mix and you’ll see those bandwagon fans trickle away, but the loyal fans are the majority. They are the fans that continue to cheer and try to predict which random draft pick will create next year’s all-star team.

But what if the team leaves Buffalo and moves on to another city? Even with the uncertainty of Mr. Ralph Wilson and the future of the Bills in Buffalo, many fans are opposed to the team leaving for Toronto in hopes of attracting a bigger crowd and better talent. Not only will this move take away from a city trying to rebuild it’s great past, it will also make it harder for some fans to watch their favorite team every Sunday.

The only question I have is why the Bills haven’t won more games over the last few years with such a rowdy and loyal fan base cheering them on each and every game. Maybe it really does come down to talent and bit of luck.

By the way, GO STEELERS..:}

*Melissa Welch participated in this article*