An Australian takes to the streets of America to test our common knowledge of the world in which we live. The answers are funny, but this issue is serious. Watch the video inside.

Name a country that starts with the letter "U".
What religion are Buddhist Monks?
What currency is used in London?

These are just a few of the questions people failed on. No wonder when Americans go abroad everyone thinks we are self-centered and stupid.


And look how many people pointed at the land mass that was clearly Australia and called it France, Iran, etc.!

These simple questions should be common knowledge, but unfortunately we Americans are stuffed with USELESS knowledge about celebrity drama and reality TV shows, so we fail to notice what is going on in other countries.

Look at all the people who wanted to take a picture with the reporter Julian Morrow after he told them he was the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard.

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I do not claim to be a walking encyclopedia, and I am embarrassed to say that I cannot name all the countries on the map. But I do recognize my ignorance and try to learn something new everyday. We walk around with mini computers in our pocket all day long. Instead of checking in on World Star Hip-Hop, take advantage of the Internet and learn something about another's culture.

Understanding is the first step in cultivating peace on Earth!

Remember, with Love, ALL things are possible!