Due to an increase in recent criminal incidents on Buffalo State's campus, administrators are responding with increased patrols! As a college student, the last thing you want to do is feel unsafe on campus when you are trying to better yourself, especially if you left a bad neighborhood! I know from experience, I left the gang violence that surrounded me in Arizona, to make a better life for myself in Tallahassee, Florida at Florida A&M University. I can't imagine having made that move, only to experience sometimes violent crime on campus! That would definitely have left a bad taste in my mouth and put some fear in my heart!

WGRZ is reporting that administrators at Buff State are increasing patrols and trying to being a sense of safety back to the campus after some resent incidents! On August 28th there was a report of sexual abuse, September 6th another report of sexual assault, one day later on September 13th there was a stabbing, on September 13th there was an armed robbery and most recently, on September 29th, there was another armed robbery!

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