As I said yesterday... WE AS A COMMUNITY CAN DO THIS!!!!  If every Black person in this Community starts asking every other Black perso in the Community questions about these incidents...EVENTUALLY WE WILL RUN INTO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS SOMETHING.... We are a CLOSE KNIT COMMUNITY whether we want to believe it or acknowledge it...WE ARE!!!!  WE ... CORPORATELY can put pressure on such that these crimes don't go away...they only go away and continue to happen if WE LET THEM GO AWAY AND IGNORE THEM...which leads to KNUCKLEHEADS believing they can get away with stuff because IT'S JUST WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY..... NO IT ISN'T!!!!  WE have got to take a stand and stop MARCHIN' and TALKIN"...WE NEED TIO BE SQUAWKIN'!!!!!!  EVRY PERSON YOU SEE TODAY...SAY THIS TO THEM..."DO YOU KNOW WHO ATTACKED MR. CLAYTON AND SHOT J'AEREONA MOORE??????....and I don't mean just people you know... I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU ENCOUNTER... If we're all asking the same questions of everyone...EVERYONE will eventually be expected to be asked and eventually it will weed out all the innocent and only leave the dummies who do this stupid stuf to feel so pressured that they will have no choice other than to turn themselves in.  Listen...these people are HUMAN...they're not machines or robots with NO's just that we don't tap into and SCREW WITH THEIR EMOTIONS!!!!  They're weak tio begin with.... PUBLIC SCRUTINY IS WHAT THEY FEAR MOST!!!!  C'MON YOU GUYS....WE HAVE TO WAKE UP!!!!!


Make this your innocent 2 Year-Old lays in a hospital bed right well as a 96 year-old man... because we just sit back and watch the news and talk about it at work or home or around our friends....BRING THIS SH** TO THE COMMUNITY LEVEL....EVERYONE GET INVOLVED....LET'S GO!!!!!  (Todd Anderson)