How's New York City, do you like chicken wings, what is loganberry, what is a beef on A weck (internal cringe), how are them Bills (followed by there's always next year), is it cold there, is there snow (in July) -- there are a lot of questions you might be asked when you tell someone you are from Buffalo, and we are tired of answering most of them.

But here are some of the questions we are DONE answering.

  • Does hearing "Wide right" still haunt you?

    Yes, and now I want to punch you in the face for asking about it. Let's just move on and forget about it....

  • Have you been to Canada?

    Yes. It really is just right there across the border; but no, it's not that regular of a thing because who really wants to deal with going over the bridge and through customs? Have you been to X, Y, Z city right next door to your hometown? Probably, but probably not on a daily basis.

  • Do you get a lot of snow?

    NOT THIS YEAR!!! Wait, what?! Did we really just say that?! But, yes, Buffalo definitely gets a lot of snow...normally.

    Followup: Is there always snow there?

    NO! It's the Great Lakes Region, and we get the beauty and weather of all four seasons. Check us out in the summer; we have awesome water sports!


  • Does everyone there eat Buffalo wings?

    I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. What the heck is a 'Buffalo Wing'? Do you mean wings?

    Well, most people do consider wings a food group all their own, but we have vegetarians and the occasional healthy eater just like the rest of the world...not many, but....


  • Is that Upstate New York?

    I'm not even going to answer that. Look at a map.


  • Yankees or Mets?

    Uh...neither. Try the Bisons.

    Oh, and New York City is a seven hour drive from Buffalo.


  • How often do you go to the city? (And yes, they mean New York City).

    Like we said, it's seven hours away. Do you drive seven hours on a regular basis for a day or weekend trip?

  • Oh, you like hockey right?

    No. We LOVE it.