Let's go over what 2005 was like in general: The iPhone was not invented, you were probably rocking your colorless Cricket or Nokia cell phone, President Bush was serving his last term, you went to Blockbuster to get a movie, owned a digital camera and you would burn a new CD off of Limewire once a week.

Now, without further adue, lets look at some things that have changed in the past decade in Buffalo since 2005. What else should be added to the list?


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    Buffalo is surely the place to be and Canalside is helping us right along. From concerts, to boating, new restaurants, ice skating, yoga, ice cream stands, festivals--the waterfront by Canalside is the place to be. Think: back 10 years ago it was dull with some benches and a ton of parking lots that cost a bloody fortune around it.

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    Buffalo Sabres

    Actually, in 2005 the Buffalo Sabres were a pretty decent team. The following year 'Party in the Plaza' started at the HSBC Arena started and we were in the playoffs with Briere and Drury. After tumbling all the way to the bottom and an owner change, Terry Pegula has brought back at least the hype to Buffalo, added what is turning into a hockey empire, which is helping Buffalo steal the title of Hockeytown USA, regardless of how the team is playing now. Fingers crossed for Eichel to lead the Sabres.

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    Brewery Town, USA

    Buffalo loves beer. A lot.

    I mean come on, ECC is teaching a beer brewing course now. Western New York has ERUPTED with breweries all over town including, Flying Bison, Big Ditch, Buffalo Brewing Co., Community Works, Resurgence, Gordon Biersch and more!

    There's even id we mention that Buffalo loves beer?

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    Food Truck Capital of the World

    Move over Mr. Frosty.

    This is just one of those reasons why I love Buffalo so much: Larkin Food Truck Tuesdays. I thought I would list all of them until I realized that Buffalo has almost 50 food trucks. Larkin Square Food Truck Tuesdays go all the way through October. See you there!

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    Rewritten Buffalo Snow History

    2006's October Storm + 2014's Snowvember.

    Quick facts: 4 feet of snow overnight in the middle of October. and Snowvember gave some parts of Western New York up to 7 or 8 feet of snow. If you lived through both, you know how monumental they were.

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    Western New York has upped our concert game to the maximum over the past few years. With more venues than ever, Buffalo is a music hot spot. Ralph Wilson Stadium is back and Canalside is bumping with concerts.

    I mean, there's even the Allentown Porch Festival now. That's how much we love music.