How many times have you been in a store dealing with an over zealous customer service representative or sales clerk?  What have you REALLY wanted to do?  Uh huh, uh huh...I know what you said...and I CAN DEFINITELY RELATE!!!!  But of course you have to excercise some restraint and just cuss the oerson out inside of your head....because you're going to end up being the bad guy.  It seems like the excuse for ALL OF THE BAD EMPLOYEES IS THE FOLLOWING..."Well, Robert has been with us for 273 years and he has NEVER had a problem with anyone!!!!  Now, even more infuriated you respond.... "Well, excuse me Ma'm but Robert is having a problem today."   (you're still calm...until the comment which all Supervisors are taught to say these days in Dealing With Customers Class 2012).... (the customer service person now raising his / her voice) "WELL, I'M NOT GOING TO STAND HERE AND ARGUE WITH YOU ABOUT IT!"  Now it's ON!!!!!!  We've gone from me reaching out for help / assistance, I'm supposedly ARGUING!!!!!  Little does this Supervisor know that the Clerk / Customer Service Rep in question is THE RUDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD when she / he is not present...but when the "Super" is there, this person is a "Professional Booty Kisser"!!!

On the other hand...have you ever encountered a RUDE and IGNORANT Customer?  ...The Customer who, steals, boosts, gives the clerk and everyone in the store a hard time... you know the type!

Well, I wasn't there but there was a recent incident at a Walmart store where a Clerk was punched in the face by a customer.  The Clerk, according to the Buffalo News is 70 year-old Grace Suozzi and the customer is 27 year-old Jacquetta Simmons.  The Buffalo News reports that Jacquetta Simmons punched the 70 year-old clerk in the face after being asked to present a receipt for her purchases and refusing.

In the surveillance video below you'll see the clerk come from behind the register to...I guess...confront the customer.  Jaquetta Simmons' story is that the clerk, or somebody, grabbed her arm and she reacted and punched the lady in the face.  Jacquetta Simmons left the store immediately but customers surrounded her and detained her until police came.

Now, almost a year later, Jaquetta Simmons has been sentenced to 5 years in jail for the incident.  According to The Buffalo News, there is a "GRANNY LAW" in New York State that states it's a felony to intentionally injure someone 65 or older ...if the defendant is at least 10 years younger than the victim.

Watch the videos below and let's hear from 5 years in jail too much, too little or the appropriate sentence for Jaquetta Simmons in this case?  (Comment Below)

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