What should THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES represent?  The clue to the answer is a word within the title itself..."UNITED"!

In a country where race relations seem to be "cemented" into our existence forever  a REQUIREMENT for becoming and holding the role of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES should be DIVERSITY TRAINING BEYOND COMPARE...and that TRAINING should have certain MANDATES!!!! In order to REPRESENT the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA you would think the PRESIDENT of such would REPRESENT the MAJORITY AND MINORITY that make up the UNION that exists throughout this country.

Well, despite all the differences of OPINION as to how well President Barack Obama is performing and has performed as the 44th President of our country, one thing cannot be denied, challenged or go UNRECOGNIZED...and that is the FACT that this president, above and beyond any before him, is THE MOST QUALIFIED regarding DIVERSITY AND THE ATTRIBUTES THAT REPRESENT THE UNION THIS COUNTRY EPITOMIZES SOCIALLY (or at least should)!

With that said, The HONOR received by the men of Morehouse College will potentially change the plight of the Black community, the challenge regarding race relations between not only Blacks and Whites but of other races as well, and stimulate great contributions among a group of Black young men entering society and the workforce...professionally and otherwise...within our United States.

Here is the the FULL Morehouse College 2013 Commencement Address delivered to the men of Morehouse College...which no other President, to date, could have even possibly delivered effectively!!!!