In recent years, Young Thug has established himself as a preeminent voice in the rap world, constructing songs, flows and rhyme patterns that take a sledge hammer to the genre's conventions and boundaries. Thugger's ascension has earned him a feature in the latest issue of GQ, and in the story, the rapper's oft-used director Be EL Be revealed that rapping may not even be his hobby of choice.

In the story, the reporter details a dice game played between Thug, Offset of Migos and a few intimidating yet unknown gambler types. While the game is described as unofficial and unregulated, when Be EL Be appears he offers a bit of insight on the situation. "There are two Thugs," he said. "One a rapper and one a gambler. This ain't Thug, it's Lil Jeff. I think he like shooting dice more than rapping... I saw him win a $100,000 watch a couple weeks ago. Lost all this money and then took it all and the watch, tricked them. He's slick. That's why they call him Slime."

Despite Thug's trickery, Be EL Be said that there is an effort to keep Thug away from his gambling associates. "A lot of times, me and his sisters keep them away," he said. "They come around like, 'Where's Slime at?' And we're like, 'No, you had your fun and won your money. Not today.' Mama Duck hates gambling. It's how she lost her son... But Thug gonna do what Thug gonna do." Young Thug saw his brother Bennie die on a sidewalk over a gambling dispute.

The trappings of a rapper's lifestyle are varied, and many can lead to a precipitous downfall. From the sounds of it, Thug has a loose grip on his gambling impulses, but has a team looking out for his best interests. The full story is available over at, and Thug's Slime Season 3 or soon to be announced retitle should be dropping in the not too distant future.

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