When keeping it real goes wrong ! It always seems like the news has to find the one person who is keeping it real to give their commentary on a news story. Instead of finding some one who communicates the story in an illustrious manner, the news always finds somebody who is "keeping it real", and usually ends up looking like a damn fool.

Maybe it makes for a better news story ? Maybe it is used to enforce stereotypes ? Who knows ? Tonight's tale of keeping it real gone wrong is from Houston TX, where a man snapped some photos of cockroaches crawling over bread inside a display at a Food Town in Houston.

A local TV news crew descanted upon the grocery store whose manager confirmed that the place is infested with cockroaches. Instead of talking to a food safety person, a store employee or just anyone with some common sense. KROU found shopper Jerrae Bradley in the parking lot. He kept it all the way real by saying: "Cause you don't want to be eating no bugs. I know nobody want to eating bugs. And they probably pooped on the bread and everything." Jerrae has a great point, but is that the only way he could've expressed him self ?

I'm not even mad at Jerrae for his statement, it was absolutely true and real but you should not be over the age of 15 with that haircut. Welcome Jerrae into a new sub category of the BIG DUMMY FILES, when keeping it real goes wrong. Other honorable mentions are SWEET BROWN, and who could forget the foolAntoine Dodson. This is the same news market that ran the story with the GET MONEY BOYZ. Are they joking on you or with you ?