A new reality series is putting women in charge of their futures.

Marry Me Now will see women who are tired of waiting for their partner to propose take matters into their own hands by popping the question themselves.

The new series is hosted by relationship coach and author Rebecca Lynn Pope, the president of the Pope Agency, a firm specializing in spiritual life coaching, premarital counseling and couples counseling.

Marry Me Now will follow eight women in Houston who want to take charge of their destinies, plan their own weddings and propose to their partners.

Watch a sneak peek here:

"Each week, Rebecca guides one woman as she takes the reins in her relationship, secretly constructing all of the elements for a surprise wedding and culminating with a surprise public proposal to her significant other. All this in just three days," a description from the network reads.

"From finding the perfect dress, to breaking the news to both families, the bride-to-be shocks her partner with the proposal, and (hopefully) exchanging vows."

OWN via YouTube
OWN via YouTube

In the end, the eight women will leave with more understanding of their relationships, though whether or not they end up tying the knot with their respective partners is another story.

As it turns out, many of the family members and partners of the brides-to-be are shocked and dismayed by their determination to take the reins and pop the question, with many of their decisions met with criticism from their loved ones.

"A man should ask a woman," one woman is seen telling a hopeful bride-to-be in the trailer footage, while a man is seen telling a different woman, "I don't like that you have to be the one to propose to him."

The clip shows all eight women's proposals to their partners, who each appear caught off guard by the question.

Marry Me Now premieres March 19 at 9PM ET on OWN.

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