You Know if your name is strange or different those kids in elementary school were brutal! I wouldn't even say my real name sometimes which is why I came up with the ultimate cover Dj Wire. Yes you can get it changed but sometimes having your own different name makes you special and stand out!

Kinda like Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck who was teased her whole life for her name, This past week, she silenced those haters when she earned her PhD in higher education leadership from Cardinal Stritch University, after completing her dissertation, “Black names in white classrooms: Teacher behaviors and student perceptions.”


Thats right according to Complex Mary wouldn't expect any nicknames like Mary Some people refused to call Marijuana by her full name but Vandyck rejected But the only time Marijuana did alter her title was when she was working as a real estate agent. She went by "MP" so that stoners (people who love that Mary Jane) wouldn't take her signs.

"Regardless of what they do, say or what they're trying to put in place, you still have to move forward and succeed," she tells students. "That's my big thing. Don't use that as an excuse. Use that as a stepping stone to keep on going. Leave those people behind and then you reach back. Each one reach one. Reach back and pull somebody else up."

Congratulations to Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck.

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