Through my lifetime, I have seen a lot of trends and fashions come and go. This one baffles me to this day. Women always fight for respect and often complain about men don't respect us, we are more than just sexual object. So why in the world is it acceptable for the last weekend in October to dress like a street walker? This perpetuates the stereotypes and sexism that women often face, Everyone is all smiles posing for pictures and so on and so forth. If you were to dress like this any other time of the year the same females that are hanging out with you taking your picture would be the ones frowning there face in disgust saying "Why does she have her ass out, she is nasty?" I'm not complaining by any means, dress how you want to, I just dont understand, Will someone please help me ? Why is it OK to be a slut for Halloween ? What kind of example is this for the children. Let's discuss this with todays scenario ?