Oh boy... This can get messy.

A group of white teens from Georgia is making headlines today after celebrating their graduation by holding a sign with Drake's lyrics, 'N***A We Made It' on it- Not censored though. The Forsyth County HS graduates thought this would be the ultimate prank to hang on the side of the school and well, we see who didn't graduate top of the class. Not only did the geniuses hang this 'derogatory' sign on the school, they also posted it on all of the windows making it nearly impossible to not see and notice it.

The school comments:

“South Forsyth High School Parents: This morning, without our knowledge, students placed a derogatory sign with a verse from a song by Drake on our school as a senior prank.

We removed it as soon as it was brought to our attention and deeply apologize for their behavior. This is unacceptable and I promise you that the students will receive the appropriate consequences for their actions.”

Would things be different if it were a group of black students? Would you be ok with that then?

To see this sign, click here.