We've discussed this before, many times!  Fidget spinners are all the rage, especially for kids around age 12 to 17 (unscientific data there...but it just seems to be who's, well, fidgeting with them).

They were initially created for (and marketed to) those who have a tenancy to fidget, and even to help those with PTSD, anxiety issues, and other disorders like ADHD (studies are now suggesting they actually have the REVERSE affect on those with Attention Deficit, as the additional distraction doesn't help).

But today, most children see them as toys, and freak out when they see them available.  I witnessed several children this weekend just LOSING IT at a Little League field when a vendor had them for sale!

They're SO popular that when I typed in "where to" in Google, the first thing that came up?


When I got mine (yes, I got mine months ago, because I do happen to have an anxiety disorder), they were only available online. You could find them for 99 cents, they shipped from China, and took 2-3 weeks to get here.  Now, they're available at every corner store, gas station, and apparently, Little League game, for about $8 a pop. Here are a few places in WNY that have them:


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