What happened to NY rap ? The only rappers who are mentionable in the current state of hip hop that are from NY are Nicki Minaj, French Montana, and A$AP. It seems like after Jay and Nas no one picked up the torch and ran with it. The three guys above have a big part to play in that. (LLoyd Banks/Juelz Santana/Fabolous) These were supposed to be the next guys to rep NY in hip hop and all three dropped the ball.

All 3 of them had a huge buzz back in the early 2000's. Fabolous played it safe by releasing girl songs. Juelz Santana seems kind of lazy he had Lil Wayne wanting to do a mixtape with him that still hasn't dropped. Lloyd Banks just seemed like he was nice lyrically but had no personality or drive and wanted to live in 50's shadows. I've been a fan of all three at one point in time. It just seemed like these three had all the opportunity in the world, and just couldn't live up to it. Damn Shame ! Do you agree or disagree ?