Westside Gunn once again lets loose, and this time, he's brought Drake into the conversation. Yesterday (May 8), the rapper seemingly suggested that Drizzy took some of his ideas. He used his Instagram account to air out his thoughts on the matter.

In the now deleted post, which includes an essay-length caption, Gunn appears to accuse Drizzy of jacking his wrestling fan swag and getting the title of his new Scorpion album from him.

“Drake is probably a Kool dude who knows, but my company logo is the scorpion and coincidentally he names his album Scorpion," Gun writes in the post, which includes an image of the Toronto rapper rocking a shirt with famed wrestler Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) emblazoned on the front. "I was at Coachella wearing the hat and somebody says, ‘Is that Drake’s hat?’ I almost smacked him, now he’s rocking Scott Hall shit when I’ve never seen this nigga anywhere at any wrestling event and I go by Hall.”

Elsewhere in the post, Westside Gunn reiterates a point he made when he said he hated the music industry couple months ago: The music industry is filled with imitators, and he's among the most mimicked.

“My point… this industry funny as hell, they never pay homage to the niggas who do this shit for real, they only acknowledge the niggas they dick ride my shit out the mud and I’m waaay ahead of my time. Just know I FATHERED a lot of sh*t with no credit just to watch niggas get all of it I just gotta laugh.”

It doesn't look like Drizzy's responded to Westside Gunn's claim, and there's a really solid chance he never does. The 6 God's own new album, Scorpion, drops in June. Westside Gunn's next LP, which is titled after late wrestler, Chris Benoit, doesn't yet have a release date.

See screenshots of Westside Gunn's caption for the deleted post below.

@westsidegunn via Instagram
@westsidegunn via Instagram

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