The Buffalo Bills victory over the Miami Dolphins Thursday night was overshadowed by the man who went missing after being "Ejected" from the Ralph Wilson Stadium after violating the Fan Code of Conduct. The big question is, if the man was drunk, why did Bill security leave him to wander around with a Dolphins hat on by himself in Bills Nation? 

26 yr old David Gerken's body was found lifeless as he lay face down in a creek on the opposite side of Tailgaters. Police are still investigating how he ended at the bottom of the steep cliff behind the stadium, but they are reporting that he died from "accidental drowning".

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His friends say he was a talented rapper and everyone who knew him is heart broken at this loss.

According to the Buffalo News, there were "high levels of public drunkenness" at the Game Thursday night. Bills Security arrested 18 people and put them in a "holding center" to sober-up while several other people were sent to the hospital. So why was this Dolphin fan "ejected" from the stadium only to meet his fate at the bottom of a nearby creek?

Only time will tell. Meanwhile, will the Bills be held responsible for his death? If alcohol is found to be a factor, will the stadium stop serving beer?

My thoughts & prayers go out to David's friends and family. May you find peace and may his memory live on!