In September, Waka Flocka Flame revealed he was in search of a full-time blunt roller. The rapper was willing to pay the lucky candidate $50,000 a year for the job since it's pretty difficult to keep twisting spliff after spliff. After several weeks of searching, he seems to have come up with a good solution.

In a spoof video created by Funny or Die, the 'Hard in Da Paint' rapper looks through several resumes, making funny comments about each one. During his search, he comes across resumes from a college student, a person who doesn't even smoke and one person who's willing to trade higher education for a blunt rolling position.

Overall, the gag is pretty funny and it shows a silly side to Waka that we don't get to see everyday. The man has some pretty good comedic timing too. Waka even tokes on a joint himself while combing through the resumes, casting most of them aside.

At the end of the nearly two-minute clip, the rhymer is joined by the Funny or Die staff who start rolling spliffs for him vigorously, which causes him to have an epiphany. "Why the f--- should I hire just one person," he asks himself. "[I'll] just buy the company." He then tells his newly hired staff to roll faster.

Watch the hilarity unfold above.

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