What could be so serious that you'd jump out of your car in the middle of the Scajaquada Expressway (Route 198) and start throwing blows and ending up on the ground fighting...in the middle of the highway?  I don't have the answer but a reporter from a local TV Station has the video:

I tried finding the video on YouTube and could not, but to my amazement, I found videos of more women fighting on highways.  Why only women I wondered.  same answer as above...I have NO CLUE.  But there is that famous line women always use when they're highly upset ... "It's My Way or the Highway"

Here's another Highway Confrontation:  

Neither woman was identified as they both left abruptly after being broken up.  They both got in their cars as if nothing ever happened.  Friends and family may see this however and be just as stunned as I am.

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