On this day (Sept. 13) 21 years ago, Tupac Shakur, one of music's most prolific figures, died after being shot in Las Vegas. He was only 25 years-old.

Today, fans remember Pac's music and legacy as an outspoken activist against oppressive systems in the plight for black and brown people to achieve equality. In the years since his untimely death, Pac has been immortalized, becoming a larger-than-life figure and widely celebrated as one of the greatest, if not most prolific, artists hip-hop has birthed.

Over the past year, his legacy has received more attention, with a couple of television shows examining his murder in the works, as a well as a documentary on the way from award-winning director, Steve McQueen.

In the meantime, fans continue to show their love for the outspoken rapper/activist. Take a look at how they celebrated his legacy below.


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