Their use to be two left in the world One in Perth, Australia And also one in Oregon. The Australian Blockbuster is closing at the end of the month with leave the Oregon Blockbuster the Last Of the 2004 Franchised movie rental site.

My Only Question is Who's Down to take a trip to Oregon and rent a movie never return it and have them call your house phone 20 times lol

Blockbuster had more than 9,000 stores worldwide, with more than half of those located in the United States. They filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

The Oregon Store manager Said:

"I had no idea, “I wondered which one of us was going to hold out the longest.”


Seeing how it is the last one left in the world She says:

“I don’t foresee the store closing,” she said. “I think we are good for a while.”

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