Inked Magazine is looking for its new covergirl, and they may have found her in Western New York. 

Liz Pinkert grew up in Buffalo, and she has advanced through the top 10 of her group’s contestants and is onto the next round.

“I would love to get my local community's support,” Pinkert said.

She found out about the competition through a sponsored post on Facebook about the competition.

“I opened and immediately entered,” Pinkert said. “I have never modeled before (professionally) but It makes me feel confident.”

Pinkert never expected to be a finalist for a covergirl competition like this.

“Eight years ago, I was 225 pounds and would have never imagined I'd be even entered into a competition as such,” Pinkert said. “To be in this competition alone means I took that step, allowing myself to be uncomfortable and nervous. I'm doing something I have never done and even if I do not win the cover, I have something to be proud of myself for!”

You can help Liz Pinkert become the next covergirl for Inked Magazine by voting her through to the next round. You can vote for Liz Pinkert here.  

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