City Officials are asking for your opinion regarding controlling the great number of cats roaming freely .  According to the Buffalo News, some residents say there are as many as 10 cats living in their neighborhood with no restrictions as to where they go (and that's "GO" in more ways than one).

Even County Legislature Chairwoman, Betty Jean Grant, (according to the Buffalo News)says "her property has become a refuge for neighborhood cats" and that her patio has as many as 12 - 18 cats at any given time.          The cats relieve themselves in her yard and in her flower box.

City Council Member, Darius G. Pridgen, (according to the Buffalo News) is proposing a requirement that cat owners license their cats... which suggests that a cat found unlicensed with be taken by Animal Control...and we know what the result of that CAN BE if the cat is not "adopted" by a loving family.

So the solutions to controlling all the cats roaming around is either licensing or spaying....or something you can suggest... What do you think would solve the problem..and what do you think about the two current solution ideas.... required licensing, or spaying?


Here's a Webinar conducted by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies in association with the PEI Humane Society regarding "Free-Roaming Cats.