Patricia Frost, a teacher at Anson County High School in Charlotte, NC, saw a student (18-year-old Johnathan Smith) in the school's parking lot on June 5 and told him to pull up his sagging pants. Johnathan told her to mind her effin' business and get the eff out of his face and kept on moving. Instead of minding her businesses or getting in her car, Patricia decided to follow him around the parking lot until he stopped.

A confrontation ensued and she slapped him! He slapped her back. Johnathan immediately filed assault charges against the teacher. She filed her own charges against Johnathan, accusing him of assault on a female and communicating threats. She was ultimately suspended. In an attempt to ensure she has a job come September, Patricia held a press conference at her lawyer's office yesterday where she said she slapped the students because felt threatened. "He came towards me and my goal was to get him away from me and I did hit him on the side of his head and he turned around and smacked me on the side of my head," she said. That'll learn her!

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