K Dot Claims To Be King Of NY
Last night, Big Sean released the now-infamous track “Control”, featuring K.Dot and Jay Electronica. And today, the whole music world and social media world is talking about Kendrick Lamar’s verse on this Hot Topic Tuesday. Find out why inside.
Rising Star's Suicide
To the 70,000 Jerk TV YouTube subscribers, Freddy E was a charismatic, comedian/ rapper who poked fun at social issues like The 12.21.12 Apocalypse.
To Canadian Rapper Honey Cocaine, he was a "King" that she was loved and admired.
What is the world coming to?  Maybe it's just me and I'm COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH....because I have no clue, idea, notion, explanation, calculation or even imagination as to why this "GANGNAM STYLE" video, by a new artist named PSY, has more YouTube views than any vid…
50 Tyson: ‘The Rhythm Of Autism’, In Stores Soon [VIDEO]
According to reports, Minneapolis, Minnesota rapper 50 Tyson will be releasing his debut album, titled 50 Tyson Presents the Rhythm of Autism. Tyson is an 18-year-old autistic rapper that intends to donate 20% of the sales from his debut release to help fund research for the disorder, which impacts …
Kid Falls Onto Subway Tracks While Playing Video Game
A 10-year-old walking on a subway platform in Milan, Italy while playing his handheld PSP became so engrossed in his game that he wandered right onto the train tracks.
The youngster took quite a tumble, but Alessandro Micalizz, an off-duty cop, immediately jumped down onto the track and pulled the bo…
Rihanna Too Hot For Youtube?
Rihanna's latest video for her single "S & M" (off the latest album LOUD) was released this week on Youtube and it has a restriction on it for the younger viewers. Rihanna's NOT too happy about it.