No Bus to New Walmart...WHY?
What could possibly be the reason there is currently NO NFTA METRO BUS SERVICE going to the New Walmart Store in Cheektowaga?
According to The Buffalo News, the new Walmart Store is scheduled to open on April 6 and you would think there would be provisions in place for people with challenged transpor…
Police Run Over Suspect [VID]
Dramatic video of a police officer in Marana, Arizona running over a suspect who appears to have been armed is now hitting the Internet.  The dashcam video above was posted on YouTube by the Arizona Daily Star.
Specific details are still emerging about the February 19, 2015 incident but one thin…
Did He Apologize To Cops or Nah?
Before taking the field against Cincinnati, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins wore a T Shirt in protest of the police shootings of Ohio's own Tamir Rice and John Crawford. Now Cleveland Police want an apology from the Browns organization, see what they got instead!
Walmart Blames Tracy Morgan!
Just when I thought corporations couldn't get any more greedy, Walmart proves me wrong. In an effort to combat pending lawsuit, the super Giant retailer claims that the plaintiffs in the Limo/Truck accident "acted unreasonably" and therefore caused their own injuries! Details …
Police Shot Him Dead in Walmart
Four days before Mike Brown was shot by Ferguson Police in Missouri for walking in the street, another black man was gunned down by Ohio Police inside a Wal-Mart for Shopping! New evidence proves that this man was shot on sight without warrant!!
It happened in Conroe, Texas at a Walmart store. According to officials the teen was shoplifting some iphone cases when an off duty police officer got into with him and according to the officer the teen was choking to the point that he was about to loose consciousness; that's when the worst hap…

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