Usher Raymond

Usher Is Facing More Herpes Allegations [The 411 With ADRI V. The Go Getta]
Photo Credit: Things are not looking too good for our guy Usher Raymond.  These herpes allegations just will not go away.  Jazz singer Laura Helm has come forth as one of his female accusers and to make things a worse, there has been a male that has come forth saying the R&B singer exposed him to herpes when the 2 had sex in a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles, California. ...
Usher Sued For Infecting Women With Herpes
Usher Raymond recently settled a $1.1 million lawsuit for allegedly infecting a woman with herpes after a hookup a year ago. Usher received a herpes diagnosis in  2010 around the time of his divorce.  The woman is said to be a celebrity stylist and a friend of his ex-wife Tameka Foster...
Justin Bieber Caught Using The N-Word
Mama always said be careful about what you say and do because you'll never know when it might come back to haunt you. Apparently popular singer/pop artist Justin Bieber wasn't told the same