13 Year-Old with Guns & Weed!
I posted a video of this 13 Year-Old young man a few months ago but he has re-surfaced adding to the disturbing 1st video with more Selfie video & pictures where he's holding a gun and smoking weed!
Illinois St. Coach Killed In Crash
When Gov. Cuomo banned New York State funded travel to Indiana, many people were upset that they couldn't attend the College Basketball events in Indianapolis. But today many are counting their blessings that we are all home safe after learning of an ill-fated trip to the NCAA Title game that l…
Is Malik Yoba on Drugs
Rumors have been flying ever since Malik Yoba's character was killed off the hit TV show "Empire" now hear from the actor himself.
Identify 20 Things From 2014!
Here's some fun that'll exercise & tax your Brain ... a poster designed by Illustrator Andrew Rae depicting symbolic images of events that took place via the Internet during 2014.  See how many items you can identify in the Poster that happened on the Internet in 2014 (there a…
10 Racist Tweets
Janelle Ambrosia, mother of two and allegedly bipolar Buffalo woman who proudly admits she "strips for all the cops" is now famous for her racist rant at a Cheektowaga Dollar General.
Heat Over A Tweet!!!
First Duck Dynasty's Phil IAC's Justine Sacco!!!!  Is there any room for personal opinion or even joking anymore?  Seems not.  It's so Ironic that a Country that promoted hate and racism upon it's foundation has now done a complete 180 Degree turnar…
See Ciara's Engagement Ring!
Kim K isn't the only one with a 15 carat ring on her wedding finger. Future made sure of it as he surprised his lady on her birthday. Details and photo inside!
Drake Kicks Future Off Tour [VID]
Future insults Drake in an interview. Drakes kicks him off the Tour. Future files lawsuit against Drake! Did Future cross the line by biting the hand who feeds him or is Drake just being too sensitive? Hear what Buffalo had to say on this #HotTopicTuesday
Fantasia's 'idol' performance
If you wondered why Fantasia was all over your timeline last night, you obviously missed her performance of "Lose To Win" on AI last night. Luckily, your girl Jazzy T snagged the footage and posted it for you inside.
Dumbest Tweets Of The Week
There are over 400 million tweets per day on Twitter. Our math department here at TheFW says that amounts to around 2.8 billion tweets a week. We've gone through each and every one of those tweets to bring you the 10 Dumbest Tweets of the Week.

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