Tim Hortons

Finally, Tim Horton’s Will Give Freebies To Frequent Goers
I've always wondered why they've never done anything like this. I'm assuming because maybe we just all go there SO MUCH they know we are coming back regardless. Tim Hortons is launching a rewards program where on the 7th visit you can get either a free hot brewed coffee, hot tea, or baked good. It ha...
Pountine Donuts
If you love donuts and if you love pountine, Tim Horton's is making your dreams come true, but for a limited time only!
Lockport Tim Hortons Robbed
OMG!...of all the places to rob, why would anyone choose the place where there's non-stop people? Well, it appears (according to News Reports) 31 Year-Old David Dexter of Lockport was pulled over at 2:20 AM in Lockport because he didn't have his headlights on...