Outages Reported From Spectrum All Across The Northeast
Just imagine paying that super high cable bill and you still cant watch TV this Saturday.
A lot of customers are upset to find out service is out and there is no eta on when it will be back up.
Spectrum did say on twitter they are aware and investigating and working to fix the situation, but that didn…
Best Mystery Egg Roll In Buffalo - Fast Talking Good Food
Seeing how we live in Buffalo NY--the land of good food--me, SteelBoutMoney and funny man Gary Wallace decided to hit these Buffalo streets with a new series called "Fast Talking Good Food" #FTGF.
On this episode we hit up @Eleven located at 3225 Main Street in Buffalo...
Local Performing Arts Grad Honored With 3 Grammy Awards
Buffalo has been making a splash lately on the "Big" stage when it come's to the music industry. Buffalo has had people nominated and win Grammy's before in the past but this time it's a graduate of Buffalo's Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts...
Local Businesses Give Back In Honor Of 11yr old Who Died From Flu
One of the scariest things to me about being a parent is the idea of something happening to your child and you can't do anything to stop it or to help them.
I remember last year when my then nine year old caught the flu and how worried me and his mom where but even then I never thought the flu c…
Wegmans Dropping Plastic Shopping Bags Next Week..
We are about a week away from Wegmans switching over to reusable bags over the traditional single-use bags. The reusable bags are only 99 cents and the paper bags will be sold for 5 cents each.

The idea is too go green--plastic bags don't break down over time, so they fill landfills and are terr…

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