FOX News is probably fooling MANY...but not me!!!!
Fox has suspended Stacy Dash and Ralph Peters fro remarks both made (separately) regarding President Barack Obama (as seen below).  It's my contention however, that if you TRULY want to send a message that the behavior of either of these in…
Donald 'Potty-Mouth' Trump?
Could you imagine your President cussin' out Leaders from other Countries?  Well, if Donald Trump becomes our next President ... GET READY!!!!
Watch & Listen to Donald's Choice of Words:
Mike Tyson Bashes Reporter!!!
While watching this video I could think of only two things... "FEAR" for the Reporter (I just knew Mike was gonna DECK the guy) and the FACT that I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN UP AND MOVED AWAY FROM MIKE...but this Reporter was AMAZINGLY BRAVE!!!!!
WATCH ***Warning***Offensive Language: