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Best Moments Of #SOTU [VIDEO]
Tuesday Jan 20th 2015 will go down as the night a State of the Union address broke Twitter! President Obama not only touched on key agendas for his final two years, he snapped back on hating republicans and members of Congress with his wity punch lines.
"I have no more campaigns to run. I k…
Lemon / Smiley GO AT IT!!
Don Lemon interviewed Tavis Smiley LIVE on CNN and the conversation got seriously and surprisingly HEATED when they began talking about President Obama response to the protests going on all over the Country regarding the recent non-indictments of Officers who have shot and killed unarmed African-Ame…
Obama To Buy My Dream Home!
Barack Obama and his wife are house shopping for life after his Presidency and residency at the White House. Rumors have it that they have their sights set on MY DREAM HOUSE!!! Check out video inside.
I have this on my vision board as the house that I want to attract in my life...
Joan Rivers Calls Obamas Gay
(Via IAMBRIANJAMES.COM) Yes, you read that correctly Joan Rivers, actor, comedian and TV host, called the married President of the United States, Barack Obama, the first Gay President.
Prom Queen!
As Gay Pride celebrations were gearing up here in the Queen City, a gay student in Connecticut was proud to be accepted and celebrated as the high schools Prom Queen! Watch this exclusive interview inside.
National Equal Pay Day [Video]
President Obama has declared today, April 8th National Equal Pay Day to acknowledge the injustice of wage inequality, and join efforts to achieve equal pay for women. Erie County officials will join together with Women's groups to observe the day. Details inside.
name this Google Doodle! [Video]
Dorothy Irene Height would have been 102 on March 24th and today Google honored the civil & women’s right’s activist by drawing up her very own Google Doodle!
Dorothy Height, served as president of the National Council of Negro Women for 40 yrs...

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