President Donald Trump

Trump / NFL Poll Questions
TWO-FOLD POLL: Should The National Anthem Be Played Before NFL Games? Should The Black National Anthem (and other National Anthems) Be Played as well Before NFL Games?
Local Protest Per Trump Tweet
This Tweet from President Trump sparked a local protest among Medical professionals, scientists, mathematicians and environmental and science program supporters who were adamant about delivering the message Saturday that they will stand up for science and its importance...
Poll: Will Trump Last 4 Yrs?
There are polarizing differences of opinion regarding Donald Trump's Presidency thus far.  Some feel he's doing a great job and others thinking he is the worst President EVER!
What are you thoughts regarding the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald J...
Buffalo Border Problems!
While President Donald Trump proposes spending money building "THE WALL" there are staffing challenges within the Border Patrol Operation in Buffalo are facing.  News Reports are saying that there are only 300 Agents to cover a 341 Miles Span...
Local Muslims React to Ban!
We're seeing the numbers of people across the Country reacting to President Trump's Executive Order regarding the Immigration Ban, but has it impacted anyone locally...You better believe it!!!
Senecas Lose on Pipeline
President Donald Trump has been bust signing Executive of those is hitting home so to speak as it involves the Senecas and the Pipeline.  The Senecas are not happy that the Pipleline will be built directly over their land possibly affecting their water supply...