NYPD Shot in Bronx
Two police officers were shot in the Bronx, NYPD has confirmed. Police officers has said that the gun shot wounds are not life threatening, NYPD was responding to a robbery call before a suspect opened fire.
It’s 2015 Watch The Ball Drop In Time Square
If you were out and happened to miss the ball drop don’t worry we got you covered. Here’s the ball dropping in Time Square in New York City.
Watch The Ball Drop times square NYC - Carson Daly & Friends 2015 (NBC)
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NYPD Supporters Disrespectful?
NYPD Supporters incite much rage in supporters of Eric Garner, as they wear shirts that say "I CAN Breathe" at a protest on Friday in NYC. 
This weekend proved to be very eventful for the NYPD as protests still erupt across the country for recent accounts of police brutality...
#BlackLivesMatter Across U.S.A.
#BlackLivesMatter Protests erupted all over America after the Ferguson decision not to indict Darren Wilson. See pics & video from the peaceful rallies calling for Justice and watch how the Militant Police forces violate our civil & basic human rights!
August Alsina Wakes In Hospital
Singer August Alsina fell off a stage earlier this week in what looked like a simple misstep, but now we find out it was much more serious. Find out what caused the fallout and why August has been in the hospital these last few days.
Congrats, Andre Reed!
Congratulations to legendary Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed! On Saturday, February 1, he was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
SNL TO Finally Cast Black Female
'Saturday Night Live' is finally getting serious about adding more color to their cast. Some seriously talented black female comediennes are up for auditions next week. Check out who is being considered for a role and vote for your favorite!

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