Mister Cee

The 411 With ADRI.V on #TONSTM
So the rapper the Game is on a Give Back Mission where he is looking give away $1 million dollars of his own money away before Christmas through The Robin Hood Project. Game has been documenting his charity on The Robin Hood Project Instagram page...
Bimbo Ends Mr Cee's Career
New York DJ & Radio Personality has resigned in the wake of an audio tape of him soliciting sex from a male drag queen named Bimbo Whitehouse.
Funkmaster Flex And Wife Take A “Relationship Break”
According to reports, Funkmaster Flex wife, Monica Joseph-Taylor, released a statement announcing her and her husband of 18 years, Aston Taylor, are taking a relationship break. "We have tremendous love and respect for each other, and will continue to work on our professional projects toget…