Miley Cyrus

Watch Drake Worst Behavior
I Heard You're "So Blue" like Akon's new single, "Hold On" let's be "Real & True" life is often "All Hustle, No Luck" so this NewTube Thursday "The Plan" is to get on our "Worst …
Reaction To Miley
This video had me cracking up. Check out Michael Jordan's reaction to Miley twerking in the latest video homage to Michael Jordan's shoes in the 23 video.   This is hilarious but I don't agree with the media attack on Miley Cyrus. This girl is doing what 19 year old girls do all …
Miley & Future Sing "My Darling"
What do you get when you take the daughter of a one-hit-wonder Country singer and put her in the studio with one of the worst singing rappers in the game? A song called "My Darling"! Listen to Miley Cyrus & Future's new single inside and let me know if it's as bad…
Paula Patton Twerks on Arsenio
After all the Miley Cyrus / Robin Thicke Twerking controversy, Paula Patton takes some of the heat of her husband and does a little "Twerk Session" on late night host Arsenio Hall. Watch the video inside.
"Marry Me" NewTube [Videos]
I'm not playing "No Games" this NewTube THursday! Let's "Take Back the Night" with J's on our feet like Miley Cyrus in that "23" video. I'll have you Saying Jazzy T "Marry Me" and I'll reply "Ho…
Robin & Miley Walmart Twerk
Miley Cyrus' 2013 MTV VMA "performance" was one of the worst we have ever seen! But she redeems herself in this candid camera performance in a Walmart in Michigan.
Miley Unfairly Criticized?
I think all the criticism that's being directed at Miley Cyrus is Ridiculous, Crazy, & Unfair!
Are people BLIND?  Miley Cyrus' performance during the MTV VMA's was no more TERRIBLE than the performances in Robin Thicke's NEW SONG - "Give It 2U"...w..…
Twerk Miley Miley Twerk
If you happened to see the MTV Awards, last night you saw former Disney superstar Miley Cyrus twerking on old man Robin Thicke.

Here is how the Smith's reacted while watching the "performance"
I also saw some hilarious things on Instagram :
Miley Cyrus please have a seat, no o…
Miley Twerks on Robin thicke
Somewhere at the VMA's Miley Cyrus is still twerkin! Watch the gold grill-waering, oversized teddy bear wearing, daughter of Country Music Superstar Billy Ray Cyrus shake up the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards inside.
The Best Reaction GIFs from the MTV VMAs
The highlight of last night's VMAS, MTV's annual reminder that they're still tangentially related to the music industry, was easily the multiple shots of stars reacting to Miley Cyrus' super awkward performance. Oh, also 'N Sync reunited or something and provided an answer t…

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