Should Cop Have Been Fired?
What are your feelings regarding Corporal Eric Casebolt resigning rather than being Fired?
Corporal Casebolt is the McKinney, TX Officer involved in the Pool Party Incident Video wrestling a 16 Year-Old girl to the ground, shoving her face into the ground, kneeling on her back, and subsequently pulli…
*BREAKING NEWS* Cop Resigns!
Corporal Eric Casebolt, the Officer caught on video acting erratically at a recent Pool Party incident in McKinney, Texas has RESIGNED!  I'm guessing he was given the option of being Fired or could Respectfully Resign... but that's just speculation and only my opinion...
Teen Who Took Pool Vid Talks
15 Year-Old Brandon Brooks is the young man who says he had a feeling something was going to happen worth video taping (regarding the now infamous 'Pool Party Video') and he was 100% CORRECT!
WATCH as Brandon Brooks is interviewed by a Fox News Reporter: