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Money Problems
Don't fret about what you owe on your taxes or the money you still have to pay Uncle Sam for those school loans because these artists have had it way worse. Just know that you're not alone. Check out 10 Rappers With Major Money Problems Over the Years.
Rihanna, Juicy J, Pitbull & More
Several rappers and singers went on social media today (May 25) to salute U.S. servicemen and women in observance of Memorial Day. Many of the tweets and Instagram posts honor the brave men and women in the military as well as the fallen soldiers.
Dance Party Moves [Video]
WBLK's Throwback Dance Party is Friday October 24th at the Hyatt. Be ready to break out the running man, the cabbage patch and all your favorite dance moves from back in the day. These videos will help!
STOP Hammer Time!! Come on Ride the Train...
MC Hammer Arrested
On Friday (Feb. 22), MC Hammer was arrested on charges of obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties and resisting an officer. However, the rapper is saying that he was unjustly profiled because of his race.
MC Hammer is back! [VIDEO]
The 40th Annual American Music Awards was filled with performances from Justin, Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera, even my girl Kerry Washington (Scandals' Oliva Pope) made an appearance.
But it was the show's closing performance by Korean YouTube Sensation PSY f/ MC Hammer, that h…